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Business Type: Exporter, Importer
Location: Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
Product Category: Laser Beauty Equipment
Main Item / Product: PDT , SKIN LASER
Main Target Region: World Wide
Representative / CEO's Name: Richard NamGoong (email
Year Established: 2010
Employees Total: 1 to 9

Dear  Sirs ,

It is my pleasure ! to introduce money-making business with you.  We , AGSKINLABTRADE, KOREA , are dedicated to do medical aesthetic  business for 8 years on the basis of 10 years local sales experience in Dermatology. supplying extinguished quality medical device , making good medical effect and cheaper price as following medical sections . 


 RE: PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy , LED Light)

Now PDT Therapy market is expanding to Beauty Shop , shedding light on face only making a skin tightening , rejuvenation .  It’s a good quality, verified in Korea Market with number one market share .  Attractive price !It is basic device  for Dermatology , Esthetic clinics and Beauty Shop ove r the world .  Good technology, better design with attractive price , Number one market share in Korea Market with no machine trouble .

There are two type.  Bed Type PDT  &  Stand Type PDT , 3 color , 4 color and 5 color after laser or without You can promote lower market & high quality market both .  Your promotion with 10% ALA Mask &Syring would give strong salespower to you for successful business, I am sure .  If you agree with me, I would like to send more details with best price .


Re: PHOTOSENSITIZER  /ALA 13% MASK   (5-aminolevlinic acid HCI 13% ALA )

Simple is the best.  It is a MASK type ALA , effective trouble-care photosensitizer including Red Acne !     ALA MASK is a Photosensitizer ,used with PDT Therapy and Lasers for the purpose of trouble-care and Acne improvement .   It can make a effect not only in skin surface but also act as destroying sebaceous glands and causative germ .

MASK type improves inconvenience of current ALA operating process of pasting ALA and cover the Lapping , only pasting ALA mask can make same effect of current complex process. Furthemore, even pasting ALA can be possible because ALA solution is pasted by MASK PACK type .


RE: How to prevent PIH after Fractional Laser , RF Treatment


Help to relieve the Burning Sensation and Pain Immediately that patient could feel after Fractional Laser , RF treatment .  It also

prevents PIH and strengthens the epidermis by controlling heat stress and oxidative stress, Thus , it reduces the side effects by

that are potentially induced by Fractional Laser and RF treatment and enables to maximize the treatment benefits.

++ Relieves the Burning Sensation and Pain Immediately

PIH Mask has been developed to relieve the burning sensation and pain after having Factional Laser and RF Treatment

prevent pigmentation by protecting the skin against oxidative stress.

++ Prevents PIH by Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Inflammation

SOD & Ubiquinone ( CoQ10) prevent pigmentation by protecting the skin against oxidative stress. Besides , these two antioxidants that

are suitable for preventing the damage caused by free radicals effectively break the vicious cycle of inflammation at the membrane and cytoplasma level.

++ Skin Regeneration by HSP (Heat Shock Protein ) induction

Trehalose , the ingredient of PIH Mask , strongly stimulate our physiological HSP production and increases your skin resistance to the thermal stress.  HSP is essential for maintaining the viability of protein structures, such as new proteins synthesis , damaged proteins repair and removing destroyed protein. 



As seen in youtube ,  bottle neck design can offer easy to see good PRP (Buffy Coat ) which is guide line to take a high dense PRP easily .  Wing of the PRP Kit prevent sway during centrifuge , not to diffuse PRP.    The unique design is fitted for all kinds of centrifuge . 

Simple Extraction & easy education for extraction to your customer thru youtube of , supplying customized Centrifuge with cheaper price .  Those of 4 factors lead you a successful business .Now PRP is used at for Aesthetic Use , Dermatology Department with Auto MTS, Fractional Laser . Multi Needle Injection, High Frequency Treatment , Alopecia and at the Plastic Surgery with Autologous Micro Fat Graft , face lifting (EZ, Ultra ,TR), hair loss.  


RE : UVB  ( Ultraviolet B  , 280nm~320nm ) Light

It’s something special  !  It would be a alternatives to high expensive Eximerlaser .UVB Photo Therapy is unique and no compititors PDT Device ,used in medical clinic , beauty shop and homecare . Competitors are complex designed Laser like UV 7002 by Waldman, XTRAC by Strataskin , FSL.  Competitors technology based ion Laser Technology is really much higher price than us because we are PDT, competitors are laser machine but same effect.     If you take part in this business , it would be a money-making business . It would be a good marekt for you  


RE: MESO -GUN  ( Multi-Injector )

MESO-GUN  :  making wound by needles in skin for skin generation  during healing the wound together with dose effect mentioned hereinafter .  Multi-Injector  is purposing for injecting Botox, HA Filler, PRP , Placenta , Messo-Alopecia, Hydro-Toxin & Other Drugs  into skin& scalp thru 5 Points Needle by  Convenience  Pen-Type Machine Gun


 RE: Hyaluronic Acid Prefilled for  skin Whitening and tightening

Above is used as Intra-articular in orthopedic but it also is used in as esthetic method for skin brightening by injection into skin.  It is a 20mg / 2ml.  I can supply good quality , cheaper price.

Model Number

Packing Detail

Hyaron Prefilled Injection((sodium Hyaluronate)


Hyaron First Prefilled Injection (sodium Hyaluronate)








Re: S-DNA Filler ( Salmon- DNA Injection Syringe ) after laser, PRP,

Now populated in Plastic Surgery Clinic, Esthetic Clinic and Dermatology Clinics in Korea after Laser Apparatus, Dermotoxin , PRP ,Thread Lifting , Aging , UV , reduced regeneration.         It is a premium DNA Injection ( 1ml, 2ml , 3ml : 3 sizes ) to improve the impaired dermis .         S-DNA’s Poly-Nucleotide is pure DN fragment with no immune response , no side effect , no down time , extracted from Salmon which has high similarity base composition with effect of skin regeneration , restore skin structure. So , If you sell, Botox , filler and Esthetic laser , you can sell Salemon-DNA Inj. Syringe ,too for the effect shown in below table .



Type ( size)

Injection Syringe Type ( 1ml, 2ml, 3ml)




Anti Aging , Skin Lipid Decrease , Skin’s Collagen and Elastic Fiber Decrease

Treatment Area

Skin Elasticity, Light Face Wrinkle , Neck Wrinkle, Back Hand , Collar Bone


Pore Deduction , Skin Structure Restoration , Smooth Skin, Improved Elastic and Skin Color, Whitening , Stimulate Regeneration , Relieves Inflammation, Corrects Wrinkle


Full face Injection , 4 times with 2~3 Interval


RE: Whitening Inj like S-DNA

 Many a Korean Esthetic Clinic make a treatment Injection for skin whitening detailed as bellows :

Marketing Name in Clinic







Main Ingredient

Garlic Inj.



/ 5 A

 Skin Trouble , Liver Function Improvement , Menopausal disorder, Chronic Fatigue

Fursultiamine 50mg/ 20ml

 White Jade Inj.



 / 10V

 Whitening , Anti-Aging , Liver function Improvement , Immune Improvement

Glutatone 600mg

Cinderella Inj




Whitening, Diet, Fatigue Recovery, Anti-Aging

Blood Circulation, Waste Matter Emission ,


Lipoic Acind 25mg/5ml

 Vitamin D3 Inj



 / 10 A

Hair-Loss, Immune Improvement , Osteoporosis ,

Cholecalciferol 5mg

Placenta Inj

Linec Inj



Whitening , Liver Function Improvement, Menopausal Disorder ,

Placenta Hydrolysate 2ml


















RE : Specialized for Hair Loss ,developed by LABORATORY , shampoo , Conditioner , Serum & Solution


0 Step

1Step  ( Essential )

2 Step

3 Step

( Essential)

4 Step




want to manage cleaning old & dead skin cell on scalp

prevent hair-loss ,  want to make scalp healthy

while preventing hair-loss , want to keep hair soft .

prevent hair-loss at home , want to have new-birth hair .

while preventing hair-loss &  , keep glossy hair  , for spilt end hair

desire to make hair-loss treatment effectively

Normal or Sensitive Scalp




BARAMO Scalp  Deep Cleanser


BARAMO Shampoo ( for Normal Scalp )




BARAMO Hair Conditioner


BARAMOScalp Serum (for Normal Scalp )




BARAMO Hair Essence   ( lotion)




BARAMO Mogrox  (Solution )


All Scalp Type


BARAMO Hair Tonic Liquid

Noraml or Oily Scalp

BARAMO Shampoo ( for Oily Shampoo)

BARAMO Scalp Serum  ( for oily Scalp )

How to use

( 1~2 times use  per 1 week

(everyday use )


(everyday use )

(everyday use )

(being used to required  time)

(by prescription of scalp specialist )

















We can supply various application area for Forehead Lifting , Malar Fold , Nasolabial Fold, Melo-Mental Fold , Infra Orbital Wrinkles,V-Line, V Chin , Sub-Mental Fold . 


Target area


Mono/Screw Thread

Face Contourm Double Chin , Body Contour

23 sizes 

Multi Thread

Deep Wrinkle , Fine Wrinkle

Twin, Triple ,Tonado Screw

Cog Thread

Face Contour , Double Chin, Body Coutour,


Combi Thread

Face Countour, Double Chin , Body Coutour


Cannula Thread

Face Countour , Double Chin , Body Contour



RE : Liposuction Drugs

We can supply verified drugs for liposuction detailed as bellows :

1) Fat melting drugs      2) Meso Therpay   3) Hydrolipoclasia, HPL   4) PPC Injection ( Phosphatidylcholine )   5) HPL      6) LLD (Lipolytic Lymph Drainage):   7) Liposuction Kit

LDRASE(Hyaluronidase) / LLD



Lidocaine HCl Inj 2% Daihan Ampule



Peniramin inj




Triamcinolone 40mg






Phosphatidycholone+ Sodium eoxycholate

Trengamin Injection + PRP

250mg /10V


Tumescent( made by solutions of a,b,c,d)



a) N/S 1000ml



b) Lidocaine HCl Inj 2% Ampule



c) Sodium Bicabonate 8.4% Inj,1.68g



d) Epinephrine , Daihan




RE: PORTBLE RF BEAUTY DEVICE                                

  ( Removeblemishes for moles, freckles, warts, skin tags, milium,  syringoma on skin in a simple way )

The RF Beauty Device is  a spot removal machine, promotes epidermal cell necrosis and coagulation. It can get rid of spots on skin such as freckles, granulation, moles and age spots without bleeding and no scar is left behind. The effect is definite.

Such machines used for spot removal treatment emits ultra high frequency radio waves (Plasma energy).  Beauty Cleanser vaporises the cells of the mole but, leaves the healthy skin cells below with little or no tissue damage which allows quick healing process and minimizes scarring.

Benefit :

+ Removes small blemishes on your skin with RF (Radio Frequency)       + Minimal-invasive, painless, no downtime               + Immediate and permanent effect  with one time treatment         + Minimal damage on skin texture     + Reasonable cost compared to other expensive laser equipment     + Applications : + moles, freckles, warts, skin tags, milium,  syringoma on skin in a simple way.

I am looking forward to hearing from you .

Best regards                                                                                                         Mr. Richard NamGoong ( TEL: 82-(0)10-3893-8395 )  

AGSKINLABTrade703-2  ,Hwajungjeil Plaza Building , HwaJung-Dong , 61 Eunbit-Ro  , Deogyang-gu, Goyang-Si , Gyeonggi-do,  KOREA / e-mail :


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